June 8, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 22

Balancing objects

Object balancing helps build hand-eye coordination, balance, body and spatial awareness as it requires you to coordinate your movements to keep the object upright.


Upswing. Developed in partnership with Silk Court Residential Home, Anchor Care Homes.

May 25, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 21

This hand held

A storytelling activity that brings people together to share experiences of relationships, friendship, care and love. It can develop into a joyful, gestural choreography, adaptable to a variety of different needs.


Moving Memory Dance. Developed in partnership with House Residential Home Canterbury, Medway Age UK, Thanet Age UK, and Community friends of local primary schools.

May 17, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 20

Magic Basket

A basket of sensory items can easily become an instant way of connecting with the people. People are naturally curious about what’s in the basket and it can become a source of curiosity opening up delight, memory and stories.

Credit: Maria Harvey-Lavin / Roaming Aromas. Developed in partnership with C&C Care Homes.

May 11, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 19

Tambourine round

There is nothing like a tambourine round to focus a group of people and bring their attention into the here and now. It is suitable for everyone and can be repeated and practised for as long as the participants are enjoying it.

Credit: Manchester Camerata: Music in Mind.

May 4, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 18

Superhero sounds

This activity invites participants to design their own superhero characters, then create a percussive sound effect or rhythm to go with their superpower. The sounds can then be added to a live narrative or individually recorded and added to a podcast, for example.

Credit: Andrea Vogler. Developed in partnership with Made by Mortals, who are part funded by Action Together, in partnership with Hearts and Minds Theatre Company.

April 27, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 17

Spring cleaning

This activity was originally developed as part of a series of sessions exploring our homes and community. It is especially engaging for people with dementia who may respond well to more sensory elements.

Credit: Jen Harris / Small Things Creative Projects. Developed in partnership with The Fed.

April 20, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 16

Slow walking

This activity is a sequence of breathing, walking, thinking and being, culminating in a final statement
of assertion. You can do it daily, creating a regular time when participants can clear their heads and find focus.

Credit: The Performance Ensemble. Developed in partnership with Leeds Older People’s Forum.

April 13, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 15

Painting from your window

Inspired by artist David Hockney’s bright colours, this activity will encourage you to think differently about the way you use colour to capture the view through your window.

Credit: Sensory Trust. Developed in partnership with Creative Spaces Activity Groups and Carers Programme.