Arts In Care Homes - Visual Arts
Creative Minds art session

“ The art class is the highlight of my week. Afterwards I feel like a new woman. I’ve never done art before but [she] is such a good teacher, she’s very quiet but just suggests something and you have a go and at the end you realise you’ve learnt something.“

Care Home Resident

Colour, texture, line, tone, pattern… visual arts activities are probably the most common form of arts on offer for care home residents. Many homes have dedicated art rooms and in-house art galleries and some even have their own kilns for ceramics. The range and quality of art projects on offer across the country in care settings is really remarkable and should be celebrated.

We have seen examples of the following visual arts activities in care homes. Please get in touch and tell us about what visual arts you are doing.

  • Painting
  • drawing
  • illustration
  • colouring books
  • marbling with inks
  • ceramics
  • mosaic
  • junk modelling
  • silk painting
  • animation
  • collage
  • digital self portraits
  • stencilling
  • sculpture
  • printing

Visual arts resources