March 2, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 9

Abstract Art Collage

This is a great activity for participants who don’t feel confident with art activities. The three main stages – paint, scissors and glue – could be made into separate activities for different capacity levels if preferred.

Credit: Creative Minds / Tracey Knight, developed in partnership with Lister House Nursing Home.

February 23, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 8

Two small dances (Dance and movement)

These dances offer a way to listen and observe sensations and small movements within the body. For both dances it is helpful if the facilitator does them both at the same time as the group to serve as a demonstration.

Credit: Mary Prestidge / Bluecoat, developed in partnership with Belong.

January 31, 2022

Art by Post: Explore and Inspire

The Southbank Centre in partnership with NAPA, Nightingale Hammerson and Nenagh Watson

This booklet has been developed for anyone working in care settings, and was inspired by The Southbank Centre’s Art by Post project, which brings free creative activities direct to the door of the individuals, care-givers, practitioners and professionals most isolated by social distancing methods.

It includes a range of activities designed to take creativity into every corner of your care setting, including making nature clay prints, shadow puppets and slow looking.

January 26, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 4

Pom-pom warm-up

This activity can be a warm-up as part of a wider session or used on its own. It uses props to stimulate and enhance physical movement and seasonal feedback, develop reflexes, and bring in enjoyment and fun.

Credit: Dr Rosaria Gracia, developed in partnership with Know Dementia.

January 12, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 2

Musical identities

This activity is an ideal way for facilitators and participants to find out about each other, sharing their identities and stories through music as well as being introduced to, and discovering new music.

Credit: The Orders of St John Care Trust, Monkscroft Care Centre: Sarah Davis and Beata McLean, Developed in partnership with Live Music Now: Douglas Noble and Julia Turner

January 7, 2022

52 weekly activities – week 1

Let’s do, yes let’s

This activity is a fun icebreaker or warm-up exercise. The activity should be energetic, even if your group is seated, and there should be a sense of fun, enjoyment and exploration with plenty of laughter.

Credit: Royal Exchange Theatre Elders Company /Bill and Estelle.