December 28, 2022

52 weekly activities

Namaste seated movement

These simple seated stretches take inspiration from Indian dance. They are a gentle way for people to stretch their bodies and a lovely activity to do together in a group.


Bisakha Sarker MBE, developed in partnership with Knowsley Borough Council.

October 26, 2022

52 weekly activities

Sound stories

The activity works well in person and also with small groups of around four people online. It brings the stories to life and is a stimulating, creative activity.


Royal Exchange Theatre Elders Company / Catherine and Gill.

October 5, 2022

52 weekly activities

Hat snap

This is a simple game which works best with small groups. It’s best to have one or two people on each team and a further person to act as adjudicator!


Dr Richard Talbot and Dr Clare Dormann / University of Salford. Developed in partnership with Aspire Adult Social Care and Humphrey Booth Resource Centre/Poppy Day Care Centre, Swinton.

September 28, 2022

52 weekly activities

Dance well: take away

These simple dance activities work well together but are equally effective if they are tried on their own. They are a great way to get a group stretching and moving and a lovely way to support a group to have some fun together. They work well seated, but some groups may like to try some of them standing up.



August 3, 2022

52 weekly activities

Seaside shenanigans

A fun and lively dance activity encouraging movement, dancing and physical exercise. There is no wrong or right way to participate – just move to the music, feel energised and remember the sights and sounds of the seaside.


Yorkshire Dance / Ellen Turner, Rachel Clarke & Musician, Will Fletcher. Developed in partnership with The Grove and Red Court Care Home.

June 14, 2022

52 weekly activities

Dance around my world

This fun movement activity takes inspiration from Argentinian tango to create a sequence of movements, which is inclusive and uplifting.


EDNA | Energise Dance, Nourish Art / Luci Napleton. Developed in partnership with the Forget-Me-Not Café.

June 8, 2022

52 weekly activities

Balancing objects

Object balancing helps build hand-eye coordination, balance, body and spatial awareness as it requires you to coordinate your movements to keep the object upright.


Upswing. Developed in partnership with Silk Court Residential Home, Anchor Care Homes.

May 25, 2022

52 weekly activities

This hand held

A storytelling activity that brings people together to share experiences of relationships, friendship, care and love. It can develop into a joyful, gestural choreography, adaptable to a variety of different needs.


Moving Memory Dance. Developed in partnership with House Residential Home Canterbury, Medway Age UK, Thanet Age UK, and Community friends of local primary schools.

April 27, 2022

52 weekly activities

Spring cleaning

This activity was originally developed as part of a series of sessions exploring our homes and community. It is especially engaging for people with dementia who may respond well to more sensory elements.

Credit: Jen Harris / Small Things Creative Projects. Developed in partnership with The Fed.

April 20, 2022

52 weekly activities

Slow walking

This activity is a sequence of breathing, walking, thinking and being, culminating in a final statement
of assertion. You can do it daily, creating a regular time when participants can clear their heads and find focus.

Credit: The Performance Ensemble. Developed in partnership with Leeds Older People’s Forum.

February 23, 2022

52 weekly activities

Two small dances (Dance and movement)

These dances offer a way to listen and observe sensations and small movements within the body. For both dances it is helpful if the facilitator does them both at the same time as the group to serve as a demonstration.

Credit: Mary Prestidge / Bluecoat, developed in partnership with Belong.