Museum of Brands is the world’s only Museum dedicated to consumer culture.

Our dementia-friendly wellbeing programme, Brand Memories, brings objects to care homes and hospitals, sparking memories, joy and conversation. Contact us to find out more.

Specific projects for care settings

Do you recall the scent of Lifebuoy soap ? Did you know that Bird’s Custard is more than 100 years old? What was your first ever microwave meal?

Our Brand Memories programme takes the Museum to our local care homes and offers free online resources for everyone. We use old packages and advertising – sounds, colours and scents from the past – to lift the mood and help residents and carers to get to know each other better. We also make limited numbers of replica objects which activity coordinators can use to lead creative reminiscing in their own work environment.

Other relevant information

You can find more activities on our website for dementia-friendly activities

Useful Resources

Wellbeing Worksheet (pdf)
Create your own brand activity suggestion (pdf)