Find out about how artists from The Artist in Time book are supporting The National Day of Arts in Care Homes, by leading activities on the day and sharing free resources.

The Artist in Time by Chris Fite-Wassilak, is a publication produced by Bloomsbury and The Baring Foundation which brings together twenty creatives from across the UK, with photographs and interviews that disclose their daily working habits and motivations.

The Artist in Time

All born before 1950, this is a collective portrait of a generation who have shaped our artistic landscape. They provide a range of different answers to the question ‘what makes an artist?’, and a set of insights into what makes up a creative life. Giving the reader access to the studio and working spaces of a diverse group of painters, poets, choreographers, filmmakers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, sculptors, writers and creators, The Artist in Time is a handbook for creativity and inspiration, made up of artists from all backgrounds who have all in their own way shaped, and continue to shape, the creative landscape of the United Kingdom.

Arts in Care Homes is delighted to share some resources and details of projects developed for us by some of the interviewees:

  • Jane May, Creative Director of Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company will be leading a “Delightful Delivery” – a five minute piece of performance, a choreography about love between young and old, as a socially distanced performance in a care home garden on 24 September.
  • Marian Sandham – We are currently developing a portrait project, based on Marian’s practice and will be sharing details and inviting people to participate in October.
  • John Fox & Sue Gill have developed a fantastic arts activity for care homes called Through the Window: