For more than 30 years Equal Arts has been providing creative opportunities to improve wellbeing and reduce loneliness among older people and those living with dementia. Get in touch

Specific projects for care settings

Our flagship project is HenPower. Currently in more than 40 venues across the UK it combines hen-keeping and weekly creative activities in care settings led by professional artists. The project provides people with roles and responsibilities alongside the opportunity to explore their imagination, it focuses on what they can achieve in the moment.

During recent months we’ve adapted our services where face-to-face sessions are not possible. We’ve been visiting communities and care settings with our Singing Hinnies. Each week the professional musicians perform garden gigs with staff and residents. This has been expanded to see residents engaging in creative sessions online and at a safe distance with artists being based in the garden for ceramic and visual arts workshops.

We provide creative, artist-led workshops in cultural venues for people living with dementia and their carers.As a charity we also provide training for care staff, cultural venue staff and heathcare staff in Dementia and Imagination and creative ways to help communicate with people living with dementia.

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