An all-inclusive craft experience for the elderly, adults with learning and physical disabilities and mental health concerns. We also specialise in working with people with dementia and within wider community.

We not only have tailored projects focussing on seasonal, cultural, art history and popular art movements but also love working with people on new ideas. Get in touch

Specific projects for care settings

Our group and 1-2-1 workshops are tailored for each and every individuals needs. For those looking to explore further creatively, we can tailor our workshops accordingly. Having had more than nine years experience developing and running workshops for the residential care industry, we have crafted a solution that means everyone including individuals with severe learning disabilities can engage and enjoy being creative.

Useful Resources

Creative Mojo’s National Day of Arts in Care Homes promotion:
Get involved on the day and enter the draw to win the chance to get a free framed art print.

Creative Mojo – Arts In Care Homes