Live Music Now provide participatory live music activities for people who would not otherwise access them, delivered by some of the most talented early career professional musicians in the UK, who we train to carry out the work.

Specific projects for care settings

The LMN offer for care settings includes:
• Participatory live music concerts with trained professional musicians in a wide range of genres;
• Interactive Live Music in Care Residencies, with musicians visiting over a period of months, to provide live music activities for the people living and working in the setting, and to develop the skills and confidence of the care professionals to use music regularly; and
• Training sessions for care professionals in the use of music in care settings.

During the Covid-19 Crisis we have developed Live Music Now at Home, remote live music activities online, taking in the above offers, as well as a growing library of free live music concerts.

Other relevant information

We work closely in partnership with organisations, providers, settings and the people who live and work in them. This includes individual care settings, provider chains, as well as national bodies such as the National Care Forum, Care England, the Care Quality Commission and NAPA.
We are a leading organisation in the Musical Care Taskforce in partnership with Music For Dementia 2020.

Our musicians are are carefully selected for the quality of their playing and ability to reach and engage with participants through their music. We train them to develop their practice to work effectively in the settings and to develop and grow alongside that.

We are committed to evidence based practice, and evaluate all our work for impact on mood and engagement of the older people taking pat and skills and confidence in the use of music for care professionals . We worked with the University Of Winchester on the Live Music in Care study, which established that regular live music in care settings can make them happier paces to live and work.

We worked with the Care Quality Commission to establish the link between singing and live music and the way that they assess the quality of care, through the KLOES. A Paper on this can be seen here.
We are very keen to develop new working relationships with settings and providers, so if you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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