Intergenerational Music Making is pioneer of intergenerational music therapy projects.

Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) is based in Surrey with over thirty years’ experience of bringing local schools, colleges and universities together with their local care homes, community centres and geriatric wards to:

  • reduce isolation/tackle loneliness.improve the lives of those living with dementia
  • bridge the gap between generations, promoting connection and compassion
  • improve the mental health & well-being for the older & younger generation.
  • create a more COHESIVE community whilst tackling ageism
  • work creatively together to build positive relationships & core skills.
  • improve the lives of those living with Dementia

IMM use music and art as the catalyst to bridge social divides, build community, expand horizons and open up new perspectives and relationships. We aim to tackle loneliness and isolation whilst improving the mental health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

We are interested in projects that challenge hierarchy and convention, shed light on the overlooked, and create spaces for new conversations and otherwise marginalised voices. We are determined to adopt the highest holistic approaches, nurturing the individual, the wonderful intergenerational relationships, the carer, family and community using the power of music and art in establishing positive expression and creative exploration.

Specific projects for care homes

Our projects address the isolation that comes from living in a care home, living with dementia or suffering with mental & emotional difficulties. We work with extremely vulnerable groups throughout the UK & our work is aimed at closing gaps, the challenge of Covid-19 has not only put a hold on our projects but has also highlighted to us that we must find a solution in continuing as our work is vital right now.

IMM focus on the holistic impact music and art can have on the emotional, physical and mental state of those involved. Due to Covid-19 we are unable to continue our intergenerational projects and fear this time away from our clients could cause a detrimental impact to their wellbeing. We were determined to adapt and find new ways to support and nurture the wonderful intergenerational relationships by introducing exciting and creative ways to stay connected and creative. Everyone has the ability to respond to music and we use this connection to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication. Through the creative activities and support; communication skills, independence, self awareness and self confidence are nurtured and developed.

Useful Resources

Our Care to Create hub collates everything under one umbrella. An abundance of free creative resources, videos and artistic interventions for people to access easily and efficiently from their homes, schools, care homes, hospital beds or workplace. The page is centred around wellbeing and mental health interventions, offering 1:1 support, music therapy and buddy referrals as well linking in with local artists and like-minded organisations to enhance this inclusive platform full of high-quality resources for all ages!

We know that many people are unable to access digital technology, or are finding it overwhelming to do so, therefore our intergenerational hub will also provide resources for connecting offline. This includes resource packs (CDs, DVDs, activities), over the phone counselling, musical phone calls (referral buddy system) and musical performances.

Other relevant information

Our national campaign, Care to Create, was initially born from the children and elders desire to stay in contact with their friends in the care homes, community centres, schools, NHS wards and intergenerational hubs. From their feedback and advice we were able to shape and adapt to ensure we were meeting their needs and able to support and continue to champion those important voices. We are using music as a conduit for the sharing of cultural heritage, providing a physical and emotional bond and enhancing individual identity. The project will give participants a heightened sense of purpose and belonging resulting in an increased sense of self-worth and wellbeing. We want everyone to feel valued, supported and comfortable to create.

Across our communities, Covid-19 is impacting our clients and staff mentally, emotionally and physically each day, impacting the livelihoods of so many people. Therefore, it is imperative, now more than ever, that we encourage a culture of participation. We are calling all art practitioners, volunteers and small local organisations to assist in the creation and development of our platform as well as linking in via referrals and resources to help sustain and promote their work alongside ours.

Intergenerational Music Making

Useful resources

Care to Create hub (website)