What makes a ‘home sweet home’?

by Make it Better (mitber) CIC

This activity is inspired by the graphic work of Mary Blair. She is famous for her ideas developed into Walt Disney animations

Artwork by Mary Blair

In your group, think about what ‘home sweet home’ would look like:

It could be a farmhouse…

It could be a tent…

It could be a mansion…

It could be a farmhouse…

Description of "home sweet home"

Art Materials: you will need – Black paper, coloured paper, glue, scissors and a pencil.

Activity: Have fun making paper collages of your ‘home, sweet, home’ sticking on different elements and including the surroundings.

collage of houses
Home Sweet Home

If you don’t have space for a large collage, why not make some bunting?

Examples of bunting
Home Sweet Home bunting
Reflection – did taking part in this activity:
  1. Help you feel better?
  2. Help you forget problems?
  3. Help you think clearly?
  4. Improve your mood?
  5. Help you to connect to others?
  6. Develop your confidence?
  7. Motivate you to try something new?

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