NAPA has been leading on a consultation with the care sector about arts and culture. The question we posed is: 

What would it require for all care homes in England to offer their residents access to relevant creative and cultural opportunities on a daily basis? 

The Baring Foundation

The final report, published in September 2021, summarises our findings.

Download the full report >> (PDF –2mb)

Arts and Culture in Every Care Home?

“I would love to learn how to play the piano”

“I would like to continue to use my hands with woodwork”

“I would like to do more colouring, stamp art, collages, origami, pastel, different kinds of painting, woodwork, making boxes…”

“In an ideal world I would like to see things happening every day”

“Ballet, I love the whole thing – opera too”

“I haven’t done any baking for a long time…”

“I would like to write poetry in groups”

“I’ve been wondering about talking books”

Comments from resident surveys