Only Connect Pen Pals – Arts in Care Homes

Only Connect was originally a postal project. However, in response to the current Coronavirus situation, we are now asking for pen pal partners to send messages of support including letters, postcards, artwork and/or poems to care homes via email. We have linked up over 40 care homes with volunteer Only Connect Pen Pal partners. These include artists, arts organisations, school children, families and individuals. We have also linked up care homes with Only Connect pen pals in different countries, including Japan and Mexico.

We want to link up as many care homes as possible, to help combat isolation and loneliness that residents may be experiencing at this difficult time. We would love to have your support.

Sign up to be a Pen Pal volunteer

If you are an individual, family, artist, school or organisation wanting to send emailed messages, letters, art and postcards, please complete the volunteer sign up form.

Sign up a Care Home

If you are a care home wanting to receive messages, letters, art and postcards by email for your residents, please go to the care homes’ sign up form.

If you would like to know more about the project please visit the About Only Connect Pen Pals page.