The Arts in Care Voucher Scheme will be launched by Arts in Care Homes and NAPA in August. The idea originated from discussions between Sylvie Silver, Executive Director of NAPA and Penny Allen, formerly of Courtyard Arts in Hereford. The pair were looking for ways to get relatives and friends more involved in the life of care homes and to find ways of encouraging more arts provision. The idea of an art voucher was formulated as a way of addressing both issues.

Relatives wanting to buy a present for their mother, father, aunt, uncle or friend or to say thanks to the home for the care provided will be able to purchase an Arts in Care Voucher via NAPA’s website.

It is hoped that relatives and friends might team up to add money to an arts fund for their chosen home, enabling larger projects or ongoing arts activities such as setting up a choir. The Arts in Care Homes website has information about how to contact an artist, musician or arts facilitator in the Find an Artist section